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A user-friendly point-and-click key to the
ushrooms of North America
(Copyrightę1998-2003 Edward J. Polasek)

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adnate attached directly to the stalk
adnexed notched just at the stalk
appressed lying flat or flattened against a surface
azonate lacking concentric bands
Basidiomycetes fungi having septate hyphae and spores on a basidium, including rusts, smuts, mushrooms, and puffballs
campulate bell-shaped
cespitose several stalks arising close together, but not joined
decurrent extending down the stalk
distant (of gills) well separated
fibril minute hair
fibrillose composed of delicate long hairs
floccose cottony hairs
glabrous smooth, lacking hair, warts or squamules
glaucous appearing frosted
gleba spore mass inside a puffball
gregarious growing in groups or troops
imbricate each one growing just above the other one
latex "milk", a variously colored juice
membranous skin-like tissue making up the partial veil
ovoid not quite round
partial veil covering from unopened margin of cap to stalk
reticulate shallow net-like ridges on the stalk
rugose coarsely wrinkled
scabers small brown to blackish tufts of hair on the stalk
septate divided by or having a  septum
serrate sawtooth-like to nearly ragged
squamules small, often ill-defined scales
striate having minute radial lines of furrows
terrestrial growing on the ground
umbo a knob; an abruptly raised area in the center of the cap
ungulate shaped like a horse's hoof
viscid sticky, slippery
volva remains of universal veil, often surrounds base of stalk like a cup





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