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A user-friendly point-and-click key to the
ushrooms of North America
(Copyrightę1998-2003 Edward J. Polasek)

About the Key
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About the Key

This key is adapted from the keys in the volume "Mushrooms of North America" by Orson K. Miller, Jr., published by E. P. Dutton and Co.; Library of Congress Cat No. LC-72-82162; SBN 0-525-16165-1.

Only minor changes in the original have been made in producing this key.  It is believed this format is easier to follow.  Certain other liberties have been taken with the correct scientific notation and mensuration in the hope these will make the key more accessible to the average user in the USA.

All dimensions and measurements are given in standard English measurements, i.e. inches.

Please observe that no one should make a positive identification on the basis of this key alone.  This is especially true if the question of edibility is an issue.  The key should be used to lead to the more detailed descriptions in one's library. 


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Copyrightę1998-2003 Edward J. Polasek
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